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Aug 17, 2007

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Manage Blogger Image Storage Space

We have uploaded a fair number of pictures and graphics onto our Blogs. However, this is nothing compared to some blogs which have hundreds and thousands of photos in their archives. As we know by now, any service, be it web host or email provider, that comes free will not allow you unlimited bandwidth or storage space. Google has a cap on its storage space too. In this article, we shall discuss how you can check and manage this Blogger storage space so that there will not be a day when you find yourself unable to load any further photos onto your Blog.

For those who are familiar with Google's Photo Software Picasa, you may know that you can use Picasa Web Albums to load photos onto your Blog. As a holder of a Google account, you can avail yourself of this service for free. Other than Blogger, there is also storage space available in your Gmail account.

Quick Check of Gmail and Picasa Web Storage Space

To have a quick look at how much of the available storage space you have used, when you are logged into your Google account, go to Google Manage Storage. It will show you the percentage of the free storage space you have used in both Gmail and Picasa Web Albums. The allocated space is 2.82GB in Gmail and 1GB in Picasa Web Albums. Since you cannot transfer the entitlement from one to the other, should you need more storage space, you've got to pay, a minimum of $20.00 per year for 6GB of extra storage space.

Manage Blogger or Picasa Web Storage Space

All the photos, pictures and images that are uploaded in Blogger Blogs go straight into Picasa Web Albums and our concern would be to manage this storage space. Go direct to Picasa Web and log in using your Google account. The home page is the “My Photos” page. You will see all your albums that are currently stored in Picasa Web. The Blog title is the name of the album and the number in brackets next to it tells you the number of images currently stored. At the bottom of the page, you can see a message in green small font which gives you an overall idea of how much storage space all your Blog images have taken up.

Manage Blogger Image Storage Space

Click an album. You will be amazed to see some pictures that you may have uploaded onto your Blog and thought you had either removed, deleted or not used them. For instance, they may be images uploaded into draft posts or deleted posts, or images that had been wrongly uploaded. These images still reside in your account and are occupying the precious storage space. Now is the time to do some housekeeping. If you are very sure that a photo or picture has not been used and should not be there, click that picture and delete it. Note that if you had a link to this photo from your Blog posts, the link would be broken once it is deleted.

Manage Blogger Image Storage Space

When poring through the photos, you may find some missing ones, in particular those that you had recently uploaded through your Blog posts. Refresh the Picasa Web Album page and the images will be there.

Good Housekeeping

Blogger automatically saves all your new writing as Draft posts. This may be a nice feature, but it could also lead to a pileup of draft posts. For example, you could be working on a post with uploaded images but did not publish it. You may log off and when you are back into your account, you create yet another new post, forgetting that the earlier draft post had been stored. Make it a point to visit Posting -> Edit Posts and look through the lists of stored posts. Delete the draft posts that are no longer wanted. If there is a picture uploaded into that post, there will be a message asking you if you would like to keep the picture or have it removed. Unless you have copied the image location for future use or have other posts linking to this picture, it is better to delete it. It will then be removed from your Picasa Web Album.

Manage Blogger Image Storage Space

Free Image Hosting

If you find that your storage space is running low, instead of buying additional storage space, you can also upload your images onto third party hosts and show these images in your Blog page using Image Links. A simple search on the net for “free image hosts” will reveal many such sites.

As these are free sites, you can expect them to impose limits on their bandwidth and storage space usage. Read their terms carefully. Some of the servers are fast while others take ages. Some have nice batch upload interface while others require you to upload images one at a time. Some are established players in the market but some may be fly-by-nights. Some allow only certain types of images and yet others let you upload video and document files. Not all of them allow hotlinking to the uploaded files.

We have here a rather long list of Free Image Hosts and Free File Hosting Services that you can check out should you need to host image, video, audio or files online. Go through their terms of service and try them out if you'd like, but as a precaution, keep backups of all the files in your computer or CDs. We shall update the list over time, so feel free to bookmark this page:-

Free Image Hosts
Free File Hosts

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simon said...

Hi, I love your blog and use it quite extensively. But today I'm looking for something that I cant find, I need to know how I can put a banner ad in my top 2 or 3 posts. I can make it so that the banner gets added to all posts but I just want the top 2 or 3.

Thanks for your help

bizwhiz said...

Hi Simon

Are you talking about AdSense Ads? If you insert the AdSense code into the template, Google will display the Ads only in the first 3 posts.

If you are referring to other types of banners or ads, I am not aware of any way you can limit the display to only 2 or 3 posts. Perhaps it can be done using a JavaScript, but we have not tried any.

Ladybrille said...

Hi Kumar, thanks for all of your work. There are so many sites out there and honestly none of them spells things out as carefully and step by step like you do. I LOVE your blog and use it very often. Few things/questions unrelated to the current posts: 1) How do I add a read more link. My posts are straight to the point but usually lenghty depending on subject matter-- that's my style. I just want to make my site easy to navigate and clutter free. The read more links demos by other sites are just not working right for me. 2)Teh rounders [2], I was able to expand into a 3 width column but cannot figure out how to get rid of the rounders. I falter in the steps requiring a footer url link. Is there a more straightforward way of doing that? 3) last thing, okay so I lied. lol! Thot it'd be only 2 Q's. How do I get rid of the borders. I read your stuff but rounders 2 looks a bit different and I can't seem to find that area you speak of to change the border to 0.

simon said...

Yeah I'm talking about a banner ad. If you do try in the future, that would be great, I'm sure I'm not the only one interested.


Lisa Braithwaite said...

Wow, great post! I had no idea all of my images were stored in Picasa. I've never even been to the site. Good to know!

bizwhiz said...

Hi Ladybrille

1. We have not done a post on the 'read more' link. In time to come.

2. In our Three Column Rounders 2 Template guide, we explained where the rounded corner images are found in the template. If you want to remove the corners, delete these images.

3. Are there borders? Are you referring to the dotted lines in the Post body? Borders in Rounders 2 body are found under:-

.post {
.post h3 {
.post-body {
.post-footer {

You can change all the border and border width values to 0px if you don't want the borders.

Rising Rainbow said...

I love your blog too! And I've just awarded you the Creative Blogger Award from Blog Village. Notice of the Award is on my site,MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses

Anonymous said...

Great post, as usual... if you have Flickr account, you can add photos to a blog from there - it's just another nice option for photo hosting that I didn't see mentioned...

bizwhiz said...

Hi Natalie

Yes, we missed that as well as Photobucket, both of which we are using for our site. Thanks for raising it.

Matt Plavnick said...

Thanks for the good info. Like others, I had no idea all my pics were on picasa.

I've had a problem the past few weeks with Blogger dropping photos that have been successfully uploaded to my blog. To ease any strain on memory, I started using Flickr. I'm only using 2% of my allotment, so I don't know what's going on. Now all my Flickr images post to Blogger at incredibly poor quality--chunky and pixelated--even though they look fine on Flickr.

Any ideas? Thanks,

CB said...

Sorry to ask about this AGAIN (as so many others have)! I figured out how to replace my own header image in Rounders and remove the old one. (I had to completely remove the html for the original header, as my new image kept showing up "on top" of it.)

The question--my image appears slightly to the right and not centered. I've tried many of the code suggestions...none changed the alignment and now I'm just confused. My blog link is

Thanks, Carolyn

Selective Form said...

Hi I have trying to use a background image I uploaded in picasaweb, but it will only show up as s800 in size. when I delete s800 or change it to actual original image size (s1280) the bg won't show up.
is there something I should no about like picasa doesn't let image to be resize or point to as bg?

mastermind777 said...

IMGBoot is a good image host, with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

The only limitations:

Up to 5MB/1600x1600 per file.
Can only upload 5 images at a time.
Small delay before every file upload.
ZIP and RAR uploads not supported.
Can't rename or resize images.
Can only have 12 galleries.

Other than those minor limits, it's a very good all-purpose image host.