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May 3, 2007

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AdSense Code in Blogger Post Body

One of the known tips for improving the performance of your Google AdSense ads is knowing where to place the ads. In this guide, we shall discuss the modification you can make to your Blog template to have your Google AdSense ads appear between your post title and post body, or between your post body and post footer. Also, we shall have the AdSense ads appear on every individual post.

Choosing a best placement for your AdSense ads will attract more attention; attention leads to clicks; and clicks bring you AdSense revenue. Easier said. While people may have theories on where the ideal AdSense spot ought to be, there is really no standard answer because it depends very much on your Blog's layout, contents, theme, etc. If you have been following the changes made to our Blog, you would agree that we are no guru at this. We had merely placed the ads where they fit aesthetically and not where they will get the most attention. Nevertheless, if you would accept our two cents' worth of opinion, try to put yourself in the minds of your readers. Ask questions like why readers visit your Blog, which section of the Blog are they most interested in, and whether placing an ad at a particular area will distract, annoy or please them.

Many people believe that having AdSense ads just before or after the Blog posts will best optimize their performance. For the purposes of this article and to give you an idea how it would look, we have inserted the AdSense code into our template to have the ads appear immediately below the article and before the post footer. If you think you would like to do the same for your Blog, the following are the steps you should take.

Update: A section on Using Blogger Feature to insert the AdSense Ads after every post.

Using Blogger Feature

If you merely want an Ad to appear after every post or every few posts, use this Google feature instead. Go to Template -> Page Elements and you see in your layout the heading “Blog Posts”. Click the “Edit” link at the bottom right corner. You will see this screen.

AdSense Code in Blogger Post Body

We assume you have a Google AdSense account. If you don't, you can create one using the same login through your Google account. You will be assigned a Publisher identity number which shall appear in all your AdSense codes.

Tick the “Show Ads Between Posts.” You can select whether to show ads after every post or after several posts. In accordance with AdSense TOC, a maximum of 3 Ads will be displayed. Choose the ad format and color scheme. Save the changes and refresh your Blog to see the Ads.

While using this Blogger feature is simple and easy, you may want more control over the position of the Ads. For example, you may want it between the title and posts rather than after the posts. The following guide will show you how you can do that.

More Ad locations

Log in to your Google AdSense account.

AdSense Code in Blogger Post Body

Go to AdSense Setup -> Products and choose “AdSense for Content”.

Next, select “Ad unit” and follow their instructions on picking the size of ad, color combination, and so on, right till the end when they automatically generate a HTML code for you. Copy this code and paste it into Microsoft Notepad. (If you are a WinXP user, click the Start button at the bottom left corner of your screen. Under All Programs -> Accessories, you should see the MS Notepad icon.)

AdSense Code in Blogger Post Body

Change the AdSense code

This heading may sound misleading. We are not at all altering the code but converting some of the characters to character entities. We have to parse the AdSense code so that it can be included into your Blog template. This is not against AdSense rules because after the code is inserted into the template, when you view the source code of the template, you should see the exact same AdSense code that Google has generated for you. Indeed, if it is anything different, it means that you have not parsed it correctly and should review the code again. Parsing the code essentially involves replacing the following HTML characters:-

< with &lt;
> with &gt;
" with &quot;

Your final Google AdSense Code should look something like this:-

&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;&lt;!--
google_ad_client = &quot;pub-0000000000000000&quot;;
google_ad_width = 336;
google_ad_height = 280;
google_ad_format = &quot;336x280_as&amp;amp;quot;;
google_ad_type = &quot;text&quot;;
google_ad_channel = &quot;&quot;;
google_color_border = &quot;FFFFFF&quot;;
google_color_bg = &quot;FFFFFF&quot;;
google_color_link = &quot;000000&quot;;
google_color_text = &quot;000000&quot;;
google_color_url = &quot;000000&quot;;
&lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;

Insert code into template

Login to your Dashboard. Go to Template -> Edit HTML and click the box next to “Expand Widget Templates”.

AdSense Code in Blogger Post Body

Block copy the entire HTML code for your site that you presently have and save it in a separate text file in MS Notepad. You can also click the "Download Template" link to backup the template. This is one of the two necessary steps whenever you want to change the template. The second step is to “Preview” the new changes, and save the changes only when you are satisfied. The backup you have saved in a text file will come in handy when you accidentally click to save the changes without previewing them. With a backup, you can easily restore the template to the prior state if need be.

Now search for post.body through your browser's search function (Ctrl+F for Firefox and IE). You should see these lines:-

<div class='post-body'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

If you want the AdSense ads to appear between the post title and post body, add the following code above the orange lines. If you want the AdSense ads to appear immediately after every individual post, add the following code below the orange lines. The code to add is:-

<div style='float:left;'>
AdSense Code

The AdSense Code is the one you have amended above in MS Notepad. Do NOT save the template, but click the Preview button to see if you like the placement of the AdSense ads.

Do you want to have the AdSense code on the left of your text as shown in this screenshot?

AdSense Code in Blogger Post Body

Choose the smallest AdSense format like 125x125. Insert the AdSense code here:-

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>
<div style='float:left;'>
AdSense Code
<div class='post-body'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

If you want the Ads on the right of the text, like this:-

AdSense Code in Blogger Post Body

Insert the code as follows:-

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>
<div style='float:right;'>
AdSense Code
<div class='post-body'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

Set the AdSense ad margins

If your AdSense ads are too close to the edge, you may set a margin in the style tag. To give you an idea how wide the margin should be, you can see the sample in our other Business Fables blog where the left margin is set to 30px. The code used was:-

<div style='float:left; margin-left:30px'>
AdSense Code

Should you want to align the AdSense ad to your text, you can specify a margin or padding around the entire AdSense code. The code you can use is:-

<div style='float:left; margin:5px 10px 15px 20px'>
AdSense Code

The first number 5px is for the top margin, 10px is for the right margin, 15px for the bottom margin, and 20px for the left margin. You should of course change these values to suit your template.

Preview the template and if you are satisfied, save the template and refresh your Blog to see the new positions of your AdSense ads.

Other than Google Ads, you can learn how to place AdSense Product Referrals in your Blog.

Additional money-making opportunity

Since we are on this topic of earning revenues through AdSense, you may want to consider earning money while you are surfing the net. AGLOCO seems to have an interesting scheme which you may want to take a look. If you are surfing the net anyway as part of your daily routine, why not earn the extra income as well. You may also want to consider having AuctionAds to display an eBay auction widget which is compatible with AdSense and other ad systems.

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wiseguy said...

Hi! Thanks for the article. I did find an easier way to convert the adsense html code to xml. there's a handy parser available at

I have used it and implemented the code in my blog, saves you time from manually changing all the code.

NIHAL said...

Thanks a million for sharing the "know how's" on the placement of Adsense. I followed the steps in your article and now my ads are blending in with my posts. The question I would like to ask is that, why am I getting two ads at the same time into my first and second post? How do I place only one ad in between my posts? My idea is to have one ad at the top, one ad in the middle and another ad right at the bottom.

bizwhiz said...

Hi Nihal

By placing this code into the template, you will have automatically have an ad weaved into each post. But because Google allows only 3 ad units per page, you will see the ads at the very top, as well as in the first 2 posts.

If this is not what you want, you can Add a Page element -> AdSense at the top and at the bottom. You can't have one in between because as mentioned, placing this code into your template means you will have an ad in each post and not after selective posts.

BlogmasterPg said...

You'll make me crazy.. After 15hours of blogging tonight i prove to write a tutorial in english language: I'd like to write ( and to link) seems your post but... but HOW YOU CAN DO TO WRITE THE CODE : if you write < change in.. <, the Pc transform automatically & lt in <... My mind is likes a Vulcano! Now i must stop, tomorrow is another day (R. O'Hara)..!!!!

bizwhiz said...

Hi BlogmasterPg

If you have problems writing the code in your tutorial, you can either:-

1. Write your post in "Edit HTML" mode rather than "Compose" mode; or

2. Put your code within "textarea" tags. If you look at the article "Hyperlinks and Image Links (II)", I gave an example near the bottom on how you can insert codes into a "textarea".

Hope it helps.

arent city said...

doesn't it against google adsense TOS my friend?

arent city said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bizwhiz said...

Hi arent city

Answer is no. And if you are aware of any rule in particular, do let us know.

Changing the character entities in order for the code to be inserted into a template is a computer language thing. If you view "source" of your page in a browser, you will find the exact same AdSense code that Google provides.

arent city said...

Thank's bizwhiz...

Lux said...

I was able to follow most of your tutorials on the fly.

I am trying to make the ads to show ONLY in either Mainpage or Itempage. For E.G., I have implemented your code to show ads in between Post Title and Body. But these ads are showing up in the Mainpage also. What I would like to know is, How I can make these ads to show ONLY in PostPage?

You help is most appreciated

bizwhiz said...

Hi Lux

You want the ad to show only in your Post and not in your main or index page?

I doubt you can do that because Blogger doesn't give us control over the template of each individual page.

Lux said...

Hi bizwhiz,

I came across some blogspot blogs where I could see Ads that appear either ONLY in Mainpage Or Itempage. This is one site

If I am going to have Adsense Ads in between Post Title and Post Body, then I would end up in having 10 Ads in the Mainpage.

Fayna said...


I have tried multiple methods of adding Adsense ads either below the post header or underneath the body of the post, but both result in the text of the post disappearing and only the google ads remaining. Any idea why this is happening? I am using the Minima layout, so it's not a custom one per-se.

bizwhiz said...

Hello Fayna

If your text disappears, it is probably because the code data:post.body has been accidentally replaced or deleted.

Just to be sure, the entire code (in orange) is not to be deleted. The AdSense code should appear either above or below the entire code (in orange). Would you like to try it again?

Anuraw said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anuraw said...

Thanks a ton, able to do that to my blog

Was searching for this from quite some time, finally you made my day... :)

Neonirvana said...

hi... I tried using your code for adding the adsense code after each post. But i get the error message saying ' 404. object not found'.
What should i do?

my blog is

bizwhiz said...

Hi Neonirvana

After adding the code, when you click to Preview the template, if the code is not well-formed, there will be a message informing you so. If it is well-formed, you should be able to preview your template. Did you see the adsense ads when you preview the template?

This error message that you said - when did it show? after you have saved the template and refreshed the page?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TDR said...

I done as you said, and AdSense is below every my post but my other AdSense disappear now?! What to do now?

BTW your blog is absolutely GREAT!

bizwhiz said...


How many ads do you have in total? Could it be that you have more than the maximum number allowed by Google? i.e. - three ad units, three link units per page?

buzzbee said...

Nice. I have it one my site now!! Thank you so much.

buzzbee said...

Nice. I have it one my site now!! Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

As I have no g-mail account and also my blog URL not friendly with blogger, I comment as an anonymous. I first of all thank you for this valuable informative blog. Your blog is very very useful to the beginner like me. It inspire me to switch over to from my present blog

At present most of the sites are being banned for adsense account for the reason best known to google. Hence, I have decoded to place fair ads network ads in my future blog in blogger. So, I request you sir,kindly guide me where to paste the FAN codes in new blogger as you have shared here adsense.

I hope for your early post. hanks a lot.

bizwhiz said...

Hi Anonymous

Since Fair Ads is a contextual ad network, it is in direct conflict with Google AdSense terms. At the moment, we have no plans to try it out and will not be writing any guide on it.

However, on your question as to where to place the code, if there is a HTML/JavaScript code supplied to you, the way to put it into the template is the same as how you would insert other codes.

Under Template -> Page Element -> Add a Page Element, select HTML/JavaScript and paste the code under your posts, above your posts, or at the sidebar.

Perhaps you can surf the net for guides from people who have used this service in their Blogger blogs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sir for valuable inputs. As you explained as an expert but I unable to pick it up as a beginner. I request you kindly explain as you explain in your post such as you mention 'paste adsense code here' like this. I will be ever greatful to you if you do some extra labor for me sir.

I surf a lot but could not find any guides from people who have used fair ads service in their Blogger blogs.


bizwhiz said...

Hi Anonymous

This article is about putting an AdSense code between the Header and Post, or directly underneath the Post. We have inserted the code right into the template, after testing it out and knowing that it works.

If your whatever ads has a code that is similar to AdSense, you can try doing the same. Replace the

Then insert it into the template as if it were an AdSense code. We do not know if it will work since we have no intention to switch to other Ads service.

If you are a beginner as you claim, you may want to insert the code using "Add a Page element" as I mentioned in the earlier comment. You can try that.

This is as much as we can say on your query. We are not experts and have never pretended to be. What we learned, we put in writing. Maybe we might try out FairAds in future, and if we do, we shall write an article on that. Until we do that, it is not right for us to comment on it or to give advise that we have no way to test and verify.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sir, I hope your valuable input will definitely work. I again thankful for spending your valuable time for me. Whoever accept or not, I, as a beginner, accept you as an expert and so please do not take it otherwise. For your information, I have learned a lot about bloggers blog from your posts and very soon I am going to launch my own blog at with your valuable inputs. I finally hope for your involvement in fair ads and expect an nice post (tutorial) in this connection.

Best regard.

Happy Scrap Girl said...

Hi, I've added the code for adsense, and it looks great except for the next line "posted by" the "P" is on the same line as the Adsense text. Any idea how to change that? My site is:

bizwhiz said...

Hi Happy Scrap Girl

You are having a text link ad. If you want it to be before the "posted by" line, you can add after the adsense code:-

div style='clear: both;'

Remember to start with a < and end with a />

Happy Scrap Girl said...

Thank you so much! It's formatted properly now. Thanks for your help, and thanks for sharing this wonderful blog info with us!

Jaime Vinícius de Barros said...

Thanks very much for the post. I am looking for how to do it a long time.
It works perfectly.

robertfrost said...


I followed your instructions. It works perfectly when I view only a single post. But, when i view more than one posts (from labels or from blog archive or even when I am in my home page) - It does not show the ad below the first post. Please note that I have other two Adunits - one on left side bar and the other on top of all posts.

My question is - when i view more than one posts, then the adsense code should be displayed at least for the first post, right? But it does not. Also, then why is the adsense code displayed when i view only a single post?

Pls help me out.

Thanks a lot for your wonderful blog.

bizwhiz said...

Hi robertfrost

Since you did not indicate your blog address, we are unable to take a look. However, we did the same thing with our blog. If you click any of the labels to display several posts in the page, you will see only 2 posts with Ads because we already have an Ad unit in our sidebar. Google allows 3 Ad units.

It should be the same in your case. You may want to try looking at your site again, or have your friends look at it from other ISP addresses to see if there is a difference.

robertfrost said...

Thanks bizwhiz for your quick response. I think i could not make you understand my point.

Here is my blog address:

If you visit it, you will see only two google ad units - one at the left side bar and the other - just after the blog title & description. Now, if you click on the title of any post, you will see the embedded adsense ad coming up (between the post header and post body). But, this one ad should have been displayed at all instances - right?

Please note that the template that I use is not provided by I found this template in some other site (beautiful beta).

Thanks in advance for your help.

bizwhiz said...

Hi robertfrost

Did you add the code before the line - div class='post-body'? For that matter, is there such a line in your template? Could you look at the code again?

I can think of no other reason why the third Ad does not appear. If I can find a solution, I'll let you know.

robertfrost said...

Thanks bizwhiz! You gave the right solution!

I had put the adsense code before post.body instead of post-body, that's why it was not working properly. But now after correcting - it is working :-)

Another thing, instead of replacing '<','>' and '"' with new tags, I replaced only the '<' and '>' tags in my adsense code (which means I did not replace the '"'s). Can it cause any problem or Adsense TOS violation?

bizwhiz said...

Hi robertfrost

The "" should be changed as well. If the code is not well parsed, it may not work or there may be an error message when you try to save the template.

If the code is parsed as per the guide, when you view the source code of your blog, you will see the exact same code that Google provides. There is no change and therefore is in accordance with their TOS.

j4ur14 said...

Thanks for being so useful!! Actually I had used many of your tricks.

Thanks again.

Little Robin Hood said...

Hello, there:

What if I want to add adsense ad at the bottom of each post just before "post by..."?

Thank you

bizwhiz said...

Hi Little Robin Hood

In the article, there is this part which reads "If you want the AdSense ads to appear immediately after every individual post, add the following code below the orange lines." The AdSense ads will appear after the post and before the "Posted by" line.

Little Robin Hood said...

Oh, yes, I am so blind. Thank you.


Author said...

Hi. I am Author from HarianDAILY. I want ask some question regarding Adsense Code inside post body ? For your information I already banned from Adsense program. So I want to put "Bidvertider Program" to replce the Adsense Code. I try to put already but cannot work. Can you solve my problem Bro.. Thanks & Nice to meet you.. My blog is In Malay & English (

bizwhiz said...

Hi Author

We have not tried using "Bidvertider Program" and have no idea what their code looks like.

What we can say is that if they have provided you a JavaScript, you can insert the code by going to Template -> Page Elements -> Add a Page Element. If that can work, and if you want to insert that code into your template so that the ads will appear after the post, you will have to parse the < > and " characters.

If you still have no success, please search the net for guidance by people who have used this service you have mentioned. Alternatively, you may write to the service provider and they should be able to assist you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bizwhiz:

I have added the code before (div class='post-body')and after (div class='post-header-line-1') The ads appears fine for the first page, however, the following pages do not show any ads.
Could do take a look?


bizwhiz said...

Hi Fanny

The other pages show the ads too. But since Google allows only three ad units on a page, the remaining ads will not be shown if you have several articles on one page. This includes the ad units in the sidebar, header or footer.

If you see a blank space sometimes, it could also be that Google could not match a relevant ad to the keyword.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bizwhiz:

did you see ads in the post body in other pages too except the first page? I couldn't, I can see ad wrapped into the post body only on the first page. the following pages all the ad in the post body are not showing. I placed one ad unit on the side bar and only allow to show two posts at one page. Thanks for quick reply.


Dimas M said...

Wow at last I found a very informative post about adsense embedded placement...realy works!!!great!!!

ellithy said...

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx alotz

nice blog

MY blog is :


and can we back link each other
thank you....

ellithy said...

does nt cgange of code block adsense account

bizwhiz said...

Hi ellithy

I believe we had discussed that at length in the article and comments. Parsing the characters is to enable insertion into the template which uses a certain coding language. When you view the page source of your Blog after saving the page, you will see that you have exactly the same code that Adsense provides. In fact, if you don't, it means you have not parsed the code correctly.

Healthfreak said...

Hi ,

I have followed the instruction for adding the adsense to my post very carefully but after i have edited my xml template and i either preview or save the template i get an error page returned

Not Found

Error 404javascript:void(0)
Publish Your Comment

Can anyone help?

bizwhiz said...

Hi Healthfreak

The error 404 is likely to be a Blogger server related problem. Try editing the template again at another time. If the code is well formed, you should be able to preview it.

mofarik said...

Hey! thanks for this tutorial. Been finding means and ways to work on how to get the Ads to appear on my content. thanks for the tutorial


Lemonjude said...

hi bizwhiz, is there anywhere to put ad code, only appear at the newest latest post, instead of every post?

bizwhiz said...

Hi Lemonjude

Maybe, but we haven't explored that yet. Even with the Blogger feature, the Ad will automatically appear after a selected number of posts and not after the recent or a specified post only. If we come across a way to do that, without infringing AdSense TOS, we'll write about it.

Anhvo said...

How to fix error NOT WELL-FORM when insert Adsense code into template ?

bizwhiz said...

Hi Anhvo

That could happen when the code is inserted at the wrong place. The alternative would be to use the Blogger feature - Edit Blog Post to insert the Ad after every post.

JsJs said...

Hi and compliments for this great blog.
I want to ask you this: I want to put the Adsense code into the middle of a single specific post (so not after the title or else..), so I ask you how to make this.
Maybe.. if I go into the specific post's html and insert there the code? Is it possible to do this?
And if not possible, is this a limit of the blogspot architecture?
Thaks so much

bizwhiz said...

Hi JsJs

The short answer is that it can't be done. You are not able to have a customized template for each individual post page.

JsJs said...

Hi bizwhiz, and thankyou for the reply.
I have found an article with a procedure to do this, so please can you look it for a moment?
Here is the link: adsinthemiddle.blogspot (dot com).
But when I try to find the tag <$BlogItemBody$> on my template (as in that guide) I don't found it.
Is that procedure possible? Is a fake? Or it works only for an older version of blogspot or blogger?
What do you think about it? Is that adaptable for our blogspot current version? And how?

bizwhiz said...

What is your blog url, JsJs?

bizwhiz said...

Hi JsJs

Your blog is also using a new Blogger template. The procedures you have outlined will not apply since those are for old classic Blogger templates.

dai said...

how can i add (older post) link dynamically?

bizwhiz said...

Hi dai

You can take a look at the article on Status Message and Older Post.

MZ said...

hey, thanks for your help..
you have my cl*k..
hehe... thanks alot...

ICLfan said...

Thanks as alwasy for your tips, but i am a bit confused about the colour blend of in text ads. You have any suggestions for that?

bizwhiz said...

Hi ICLfan

You can look at this article on choosing of colors for Ads -

and the AdSense site's explanation of custom colors and blending colors.

coronet said...

hi, looking for a parsed widgetbucks code so i could place it between posttitle and postbody, thanks

bizwhiz said...

Hi coronet

We believe "widgetbucks" is based on contextual advertising which AdSense prohibits. We shall therefore not be subscribing to or commenting on that.

MZ said...

hi bizwhiz,

As I know google only allow 3 adsense in every single page. However, there will be more than that since we inserted the adsense code in post(if the blog show 4 posts in 1 page)
are we against the google policies?

What I do is show 1 post in each page. However, if people click to show all post in 1 page, will I break the rules?

urgent need to know, thanks alot

bizwhiz said...


AdSense will automatically show ads in the first 3 posts and none in the remainder.

Andy said...

Thanks for the info. Very useful and simply said. Cheers,

Amplifiers said...

I appreciate this article but I also have a question about 3 or more ads appearing.

On other pages in my blog I have 3 or more ad units displayed because of this trick and the rest of the others simply don't show up because of google's policy.

What I want to know is am I still complying will google's tos because only 3 ad units show up and the rest just appear broken?

I have more than 3 ad units on the page because I have ads inbetween the title and body of my posts, but the ads come up broken, as they should.

Am I safe?

bizwhiz said...

Hi Amplifiers

As far as I know, even if you have inserted more than 3 ad units, only the first 3 will be automatically displayed in the Blogger blog and that is in line with their policy. If you have further concerns, you could raise them with the AdSense team and let them get back to you on their official stand.

Amplifiers said...

Thanks. I appreciate that

Navin said...

hi, thanks for your tutorial, but i've a problem, i placed ad just between the post and now i see the empty gap(instead of Adsense) on other posts while scrolling down as a whole page..
I wish i could display 3 Adsense Ad perfectly, without those empty gap on other posts..

my blog is , any help is appreciated.

shyam_rocks said...

I have added some code for breaking my post into two parts < p > < data:post.body /> < /p >

after this line ...

So now if I add my adsense code where I have to add that ??

Plz guide me..

Blog :

Tanakwagu said...

margin:5px 10px 15px 20px

is this from TOP,LEFT,RIGHT and BOTTOM



Digital Insider said...


I follow your step by adding my adsense code on left side of my content, but when I view my blog, it turn out to be a white square?

Any advise on this?

Collin Yeo said...

Great explanation.

One question though. Currently, I have 2 google ads in my blog, 1 banner and 1 large rectangle.

Then I followed your instruction to add the ads into my post. I understand that adsense only allows 3 ads on a page. Now my large rectangle ads are gone, and I have 2 of your new ads inside 2 of my posts.

My question is, is there any way where I can only allow the most recently post to have the adsense while the rest of the post do not have?

Thank you.

NilGiri said...

Hurrryyy!!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much :)

Bongski said...

hi! why is it that in my new blogger blogs that I created, I only have the google ads on the first article. I am using the classic blogger. Although in my older classic blogs, I do have ads on three sites.. What could be the reason?

ailing said...

Hi wiseguy,

Thank you for this post.
I have also shared with my readers at
on your site especially for those using blogspot as their blogger.

I guess you have received many cheques from Google? :)

Angelo said...

Hi guys! Great community here!

I really thank you so much for your simple effective Adsense instructions! I was looking for putting the ADS right below the post title.
But still now, there's something I don't understand: I've created the code by choosing the same colors of the others adsense showm on my blog:

Anyway, the ad below the post title has a black round line, green url and grey square. Instead, I wanted it just as the others: white square, grey url and no round line.

May someone tell me please why does Adsense give me this code?
I've already tried to change the ads colours, but nothing: always the same. What should I do now? It's all about time?

Thanks a lot 4 help

Angelo Costantino said...

Hi thanks for the post!
A great community here!
I've correctly put the AD right below the post title, anyway, even if I've specified some kinf of colours (the same of the other ads), the new one appears completely different.. watch yourself at

May someone please tell what should I do now? Is it all about waiting some time?

Thanks a lot

Stefano Abbate said...

Hi, can you give me some advice for my new blog? It's in english but for italians too.
Should I use one language? Which one? Do you think my mission could be useful?

Please visit and tell me your opinion.

I also wish to add e third column, but my template is not in your site: which similar one can I use?

Thanks! Stefano

HealthIsWealth said...

Hi, there , how to deal with the blank space instead of Adsense Ad.
I knew adsense shows up only 3 times but why my other posts is showing blank. I wished, it's just nothing blank out there.

Is it possible to limit the 3 Ads per page and the remaining posts don't have any blank space.. it's looking real ugly.

my blog is

any hacks would be greatly appreciated. thanks..

Nicky said...

Nice info man gr8!
Thanks a Lot!!

Anyone can check my blogs after a lot effort i have got the best templates ever for my blog i have deleted my old blogs and started the new blogs chk them out i'm sure u will love their

Have a look i will give u the best templates ever if u wish..
But these are new so these are still under construction....bye

Nicky said...

Hey thks 4 the tip but i used this but i am not able to display anymore GOOGLE ads anywhere in my blog the previous banners also went off the adsense element is there in the page elements but it is not getting display as it was fine before
using the tip/trick u suggested plz help i will be waiting 4 ur reply...!!!

Bridey said...

Thanks for providing such clear and easy to follow instructions - I've finally got the adsense format I want!

ALEX said...

workd perfect

Vanessa D. Alexander said...

Hi Bizwhiz,

Just want to say thanks so very much. The instructions for adding the Adsense code inside posts worked perfectly. Your instructions are so easy to follow.

I did have to do one thing and that was to change the ads to text only, as the image ads were going over the border into my posts.

I didn't like most of them anyway. The flash images are nerve wrecking when you're trying to read with them in your face like that. They work really well in some places but not in posts.

I had used the converter on another site to parse the code but it didn't convert. Some times the old fashioned way takes longer but works out the best. Be blessed.

Much success!

Helder Marques said...


On my blog, i´m unable to show ads between posts the normal way, because this item simply wont appear in the "Configure Blog Posts" window.
I added the code manually, but i want to have this adsense only once every 2 posts, instead of every post. Can you help me?

Helder Marques

antioxidants said...

This is the best tip I've read on placing adsense code in posts. I've tried it in my test blog and it works. Thanks.

MOVIE FAN said...

Thanks sir
.super tip.i was searching this topik because i was started blogging last week.Thanks for your help, and thanks for sharing this wonderful blog info with us!thank you

EBlog4Every1 said...

Your Article is Good but I am using Blogger Classic Template. I would Like to show Ads in right side. I try to display ads in right side using your tip but this code not works in Classic Mode.

Can u give any suggestion to display ads in right side area in Blogger Classic Mode (Not in XML)?

Anonymous said...

sir is there a way to insert image ads in between the post , i mean middle of the post ???

or even normal link ads middle of the post ???

thnks for the tip ... it helped me a lot .. waiting for yor reply..

and also another thing ... isnt modifying adsense code is like violating thier TOS ???

satyam tcs said...

you are simply great great great.. great for our placement papers site.. slap our team for not finding you earlier..

dolarM said...

nice tips. finally i manage to put adsense in my blog

msn nickleri said...

Thanks a million for sharing the "know how's" on the placement of Adsense. I followed the steps in your article and now my ads are blending in with my posts. The question I would like to ask is that, why am I getting two ads at the same time into my first and second post? How do I place only one ad in between my posts? My idea is to have one ad at the top, one ad in the middle and another ad right at the bottom.n

goodearth said...

thanks, implementing on
visit sometimes :-)

ericia said...

Your blog really Great, i learn a lot from here

Kok Loon said...

Hi BizWhiz,

Great article explaining the positioning of Goggle Ads. I find your site to be very useful as I seldom refer to other places.

I do have some questions about ads that I need to consult you. May I know whether there are any rules regarding how much text hyperlinks to products like Amazon that can exist in a page?

Also, is there any limit to the amount of banners of affliliate (like Amazon) that can be shown in a page?


Hariharakumar said...

Thanks this really worked for me. Thanks a lot.


Mayank said...

i have placed the ads in the posts, but i am getting empty spaces after the 4th post, how can i remove them as google allows only 3 ads?

Nilesh Panchal said...

Hi, Pelase check my site wwwdotcareerinfolivedotcom, I have placed google ads correctly? Today I saw 16 Page Impressions with 5 Clicks and surprise with 0.00$ earned? Why this can you please explain.

lovinglife said...

OMG! so much to learn so little time. I found your blog very impressive and informative and will save it to my bookmarks so I refer to it from time to time.

kanoisandeep said...

Dear Sir, I want to put three Google Ads within in the post one on Righ Side on on Left Side of the Post and One below the post Title. I have seen the same placement on I will be obliged if you guys can guide me on how to do this.

The Head™ said...

Very Nice. It helped a lot. I appreciate your work.

Shaid said...

but if i want to embed ad code with my blog post content , that is after some content i want to show ad then again the content and it is for every single post...?
thank you.
scholarships info

Analekto said...

Very descriptive post, well done. If anyone is interested I have documented a method that allow to add two Ad units anywhere within the new blogger post body. You can read it here.