Knowledge is good only if it is shared. As a new blogger, I had learned to change the Web template, and found out the tips, tricks, hacks, and tweaks of altering the Blogger template, customizing CSS, widgets, layout, blog design, inserting JavaScripts, HTML codes, Google AdSense, and other settings the hard way, through many trials and errors. For the purposes of this guide, I had started with the old Blogger “Minima” template. As I made the changes or learned something new, I had documented them. Before changing any template, please remember to save a copy of the current template. After editing the template, preview it, and save it when you are satisfied with the change. Hope this guide will help those who are finding the way around, just like me.

Search Tips for New Bloggers

We have extended our month-long vacation by a couple of days. We shall be posting articles the moment we return. We noticed that Google had updated the Page Ranks. New bloggers who have been waiting anxiously for this can check their blogs' Page Ranks. We have the PR checker link in our SEO Tools - Search Engine Optimization article.

The blog we created recently in Aug 2007, Blogger FAQ and Help, has also got its first Page Rank, a PR4. All our blogs are now ranked:-

Tips for New Bloggers - PR6
Business Fables and Management Lessons - PR4
Famous Motivational and Inspirational Quotes - PR4
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Thanks to everyone for the support!

Feb 11, 2007

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Submit Blogger Sitemap to Yahoo!

Publicize your site by having your or blog site included in Yahoo! Directory and Yahoo! Search. I went to the official Yahoo! submission of URL page and clicked the link “Submit Your Site for Free”. You will be prompted to log in using your Yahoo! account. For those of you who do not have a Yahoo! account, simply sign up for one. It is Free.

After you have your Yahoo! account, and are logged in, you will see this screen.

Submit Blogger Sitemap to Yahoo

Select “Submit Site Feed” and enter the URL of your Blog's site feed. You can use either:-


Remember to replace YOURBLOGNAME with that of your Blog's. For Blogger blogs, do not add "www." to YOURBLOGNAME. Once the Sitemaps are submitted, click the “Authentication” link shown at the top right hand corner of the page.

Submit Blogger Sitemap to Yahoo

You will now have to authenticate your site ownership with Yahoo!, by either uploading a verification file to your site, or adding a META tag to your site. The authentication via a META tag was only introduced by Yahoo! recently, on Jan 30, 2007.

Note: Blogs created under or cannot upload a verification file in the root directory. The first method is therefore NOT applicable to you.

The only way to authenticate your and blogs with Yahoo! is to add a META tag. Copy the META tag that is generated for you, and paste it in your site's home page in the first section of the page, before the first section. What you do is to go to your Blogger dashboard. Under Template ->Edit HTML, somewhere near the top of the script, add the META Tag as follows:-


<META Tag>

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Remember to replace the META Tag with the code generated by Yahoo! Site Explorer. Once done, Save the Template. When you return to Yahoo! Site Explorer, click the button that says “Ready to Authenticate” as shown below.

Submit Blogger Sitemap to Yahoo

You will see a message that says “Your site is pending authentication.” Check back later, and you will notice that your site is now indexed and crawled by Yahoo!

According to the Yahoo Site Explorer instructions:-

“If you have added the META tag, please keep the tag in your site's home page. We will revalidate your site ownership by checking this META tag regularly.”

It is alright to leave this meta tag as well as the Google sitemap meta tag in your template.

You may want to read the articles on how to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster and Submit Blogger Sitemap to MSN and Also, submit your Blog to Blog Directories and Feed Directories to let more people know about your Blog. As well, submit your Blog to the various Search Engines for maximum exposure.

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Amit said...

Same question. Does the META tag stay in the code after Yahoo authenticates it, or can it be deleted/replaced?


bizwhiz said...

Hi Amit

The Yahoo Site Explorer instructions are rather self-explanatory -

"If you have added the META tag, please keep the tag in your site's home page. We will revalidate your site ownership by checking this META tag regularly."

I suppose you would want to leave the tag there.

Amit said...

Oops, missed that line on their website :)

Thanks a lot!!


angadp said...

getting XMLerror when I add METAtag. I cannot save the template.XML error message comes up.Element type "META" must be followed by either attribute specifications,">"or"/>".Ido not know XML. Please guide.

bizwhiz said...

Hi angadp

The meta tag is the code generated by Yahoo. Please copy the entire code and do not change it.

Typically, the code should end with < /meta> or />. If it doesn't end with that, just add /> at the end.

angadp said...

Hi bizwhiz,
Thanks. It worked.

Alban, Teacher of God said...

Hi bizwhiz,

thanks for all this very useful information. I think I will credit you with your little Blogtips sign on my blog.

Dr. Internet said...

/> I have added this.. it doent give xml error.

But the yahoo do not approve it, it says pending.

Tina said...

I'm having the same problem as angadp. I've copied and pasted the exact code. It does end with >. I still get the error message.
Thanks for your help earlier with my sidebars.

bizwhiz said...

Hi Tina

See that it ends with />

NilGiri said...

Hi bizwhiz,

Thanks it worked for me :)


Murthy said...

Hi There!

Thanks for this great information....

I too have a blog Software Interview Questions, by your tips
now i can able to add my blog in various search engines

Thanks once again

sumit said...

it gives the error that

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The element type "META" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "".

pls tell me what can i do

pls help me

UpHope said...

Thanks for your sharing.
I have adde it

Note:tag end add /

UpHope said...

I have translated this article into Chinese, and added my blog
to yahoo.
Thank you very much

pockanchery said...

can i link blogdirecories as you did in your site ? is it helpful to me in anyway ?

mxyzplk said...

uhmmm I got some problem... I cant put meta tag on the template..

Geri Atric said...

Can someone please tell me where exactly I should add the Yahoo authentication META tag in the template? I really don't have a clue and dare not mess about with it!
I already have a Google webmaster META tag installed. Should I insert the Yahoo one directly underneath it?

Thank you for this very helpful site (!) I am a new blogger and consult it often.
Geri Atric

Geri Atric said...

Thank you for this valuable info'! I am very new to blogging but have followed the instructions here (with racing heart!) and my site is now 'pending' in Yahoo! The META tag wasn't parsing at first but then I noticed that the template itself was giving instructions on how to close the tag properly and it finally worked!
I consult your site often and it has helped me time and time again with may issues.

Thank again!
Geri Atric.

ToyangQ said...

Hi, what a great article you have.. I did what you said last night, but I get it rejected by yahoo, apparently, it's right, you need to add the '/' sign just before the '>'.. It worked for me..

Nomad said...

Thanks for the tips it's really useful for me.

Anonymous said...

It's Work thanks, at least yahoo has authenticated me, thanks again.

Victor said...

w3c authentication error with Yahoo!. Make the following changes to make the META tag XHTML compliant:
What Yahoo! gives you:
[META name="y_key" content="AuthenticationKey" ]
What it should look like:
[META name='y_key' content='AuthenticationKey' /]
i am not sure about the "" vs '', however, the '' best mimics what Google gives you when it asks for authentication. Good luck!

Dani P said...

Many Thanks for the explanation for adding yahoo Metta tag... It is difficult to add it, and not I got the answer in this blog.

Aadhil said...

hi admin...

can i add google and yahoo at same time to meta tag on my blogger?

Anonymous said...

i have done all the steps as mentioned above..
But when i search my site no result found comes--
Indexed Pages: 0
Crawled Pages: 0
Known Pages: 0
Known Hosts on This Site: 0
Hosts linking to Site: 0
Domains linking to Site: 0
Hosts Outlinked from Site: 0
Domains linked from Site: 0

Could anybody guide me

Zach said...

If I change my template, do u have to do that again?